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Ulei transmisie moto Liqui Moly Gear Oil 75W-140 GL5 VS 500ml. sintetic. 95 Lei ... Ulei transmisie moto Silkolene Comp Gear 80W-90 1l. semi-sintetic.
Sep 11, 2007 · The book calls for hydraulic fluid in the finals but what came out was heavier than hydraulic, so I put in 80w-90 gear oil. I talked with an experienced mechanic who said they always used to run the gear oil because the hydraulic just doesn't seem heavy enough.

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75w-140 Severe Gear (SVO) GL-4 Gear Lube 75W-90 Gear Oil (MTG) Semi Truck. Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube 75W-90 Semi-Truck Gear Lube (FGR) 80W-140 Semi-Truck Gear Lube (FGO) Racing & Off Road. High Film Strength Gear Lubes SAE 190 Severe Gear Racing (SRN) SAE 250 Severe Gear Racing (SRT) Marine Gear Oil. Synthetic Marine Gear Lube 75W/80W-90 (AGM) According to my '48 owner's manual, a single number like 90 (w/o the W) is a defined viscosity at 130 deg F. The W indicates a viscosity scale determined at 0 deg. The 80W-90 gives the extra cold info but it seems to me the 90 mineral oil has a W number that could be measured but it just isn't given. I mean, 20W-20 used to really puzzle me. Tabla de equivalencia de lubricantes para transmision y otros DESCRIPCIÓN API Otras especif. YPF SHELL EXXON MOBIL ELF TOTAL TRANSMISIÓN MANUAL
Automotive Gear & Power Steering Fluids GEAR LUBRICANT GL-1 SAE 90-140 GEAR LUBRICANT GL-4 SAE 90-140 GEAR LUBRICANT GL-5 80W-90 & 85W-140 POWER STEERING FLUID SYNTHETIC GEAR GL-5 75W-90 & 80W-140 Engine Crankcase Lubricants EMD/TRANS ENGINE OIL (13 TBN) EMD/TRANS ENGINE OIL (17 TBN) EMD/TRANS ENGINE OIL HVI (9 TBN) GAS ENGINE OIL 7100 GAS... Read more »
sae 80w-90, 85w-140 Delo Gear EP-5 gear lubricants are recommended for use in spiral bevel and hypoid differentials, power dividers, and oil-lubricated steering axle wheel bearings. Delo® Syn-Gear XDM SAE 75W-90
SAE 80W-90 / 85W-140 / 90 / 140 GL-5 is a high quality automotive gear oil. It is formulated from high quality base oil and high quality EP additive for providing excellent gear protection especially hypoid axles and also heat resistance and prolong oil drain interval. Recommended for manual transmissions and rear axles
80W 100W 120W 150W 200W 240W D ... .90 Driver: Mean Well ... PT-U80W BDZ Yes AC100-277V 80W 3500K, 4000K, 5000K 10400 lm >140 >80 110° 100,000 -30°C to 45°C > 0.9
Sep 28, 2007 · Oil & Lubrication - 75W-90 vs. 80W-90 - So, Im planning to change the gear oil in my differentials soon. Ford reccommends 75W-140, but the origional oil (whats in it now) is 75W-90, and that's what a lot of others are replacing it with as well.
The literature I have seen (owners manual, FSM) seem to indicate that 80w-90 is OK for the front. However, both front and rear diffs have 75w-140 synthetic on the metal tags, so that is what I used last time. Anybody using 80w-90 or 75w-90 in the front? Or the rear for that matter, although I'm pretty sure I'll stick with the thick stuff for it.
MOTUL Gear Competition 75W-140 - plně syntetický převodový olej 1 l. ... MOTUL Scooter Gear 80W-90 150 ml Nahoru. Košík 0. QR code. Posledn ...
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210-25-15-5 5 15 25 10 8 5 3 2 1 m Lux 10 8 5 3 2 1 Lux CP12AF-L10 x 1 CP12AF-Oval x 1 ILLUMINANCE AT DISTANCE ORDERING EXAMPLE CP12AF - 80 - L10 - FMB PRODUCT OPTICS MOUNTING PRODUCT TYPE OPTICS MOUNTING CP12AF 80 Power 80W L10 Beam 10 FMB Flat Mounting Bracket LOVAL Oval ...
May 04, 2008 · E. 75W-140 Synthetic 9.5% EP additive package. 23% PAO of 4 cSt viscosity. 51% PAO of 100 cSt viscosity. 15% of diisodecyl ester (a diester or may contain a polyol ester) 1.5% Pour-Point Depressant It will have a viscosity of 26.9 cSt and VI of 148. F. 80W-140 Blend 6.5% EP additive package. 13.5% 600 Neutral mineral oil . 41% PAO of 40 cSt ...
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80w-90 ls puma gear oil ep 85w-140 sae j2360 mack go-j api gl 5 mt1 api gl5 ford scania mack mt1 api gl5 mack mil-prf-2105e spirax s2 a 80w-90 spirax s2 als 80w-90
Mobil Delvac Gear Oil 80W-90 and 85W-140 are high performance, heavy duty gear lubricants formulated from high performance base oils and an advanced additive system. These lubricants are engineered for automotive applications including heavy duty axles and final drives where extreme pressures and shock loading are expected.
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Gear Oil 140 is a premium, heavy duty, mineral automotive gear oil manufactured with modern extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers meeting the requirements of API GL-5/6 and MT-1 as well as many other manufacturer specifications. 80W-90. 85W-90. The viscosity range of the synthetic gear oil are a little different. 75W-90. 75W-140 (I don't recommend this oil because its to far outside the range of the specified weight of oil. You can use either the synthetic or crude type in your Shadow's final drive.

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TOTAL DYNATRANS HD 80W-90 is recommended for lubricating gears on agricultural machinery a... Read more. DYNATRANS HD 85W-140 TOTAL DYNATRANS HD 85W-140 is ...

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Ordreproduktnavn MASTER PL-L 80W/830/4P 1CT/25 EAN/UPC – produkt 8711500867087 Ordrekode 86708740 2055423818 Tæller – antal pr. pakke 1 Tæller – antal pakker pr. kasse (udvendig emballage) 25 Materialenr. (12NC) 927909583070 Nettovægt (stykke) 140.000 g FSDH-80/30/1B-L/P-2G11 Advarsler og sikkerhed 98w 96w 94w 92w 90w 88w 86w 84w 82w 80w 78w 200 400 600 800800 0 0 5 10 10 15 ... 98 w96 94 92 90 88 86 84 82 80 78 enoi enroif ... 140 160 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 ...

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Automotive Gear & Power Steering Fluids GEAR LUBRICANT GL-1 SAE 90-140 GEAR LUBRICANT GL-4 SAE 90-140 GEAR LUBRICANT GL-5 80W-90 & 85W-140 POWER STEERING FLUID SYNTHETIC GEAR GL-5 75W-90 & 80W-140 Engine Crankcase Lubricants EMD/TRANS ENGINE OIL (13 TBN) EMD/TRANS ENGINE OIL (17 TBN) EMD/TRANS ENGINE OIL HVI (9 TBN) GAS ENGINE OIL 7100 GAS... Read more »

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AMSOIL 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube is a multi-functional product designed to surpass the requirements of equipment and automotive applications calling for an SAE 80W-90 viscosity grade. Formulated with wax-free synthetic base oils and high quality additives, AMSOIL 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube resists thermal breakdown. SYN GEAR OIL 75W-140 GL-5. 3007. Gear Oil 80W-90 LS

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Starting power 80w, • 8 stages 80w to 180w on air resistance setting 1 cadence range 69-100 • 12 stages 80w to 260w on air resistance setting 2 cadence range = 66-108 OR air resistance setting 3 cadence range = 62-100 Example of how to complete a maximal ramp test in a restricted cadence range: Cadence restricted to max of 100rpm Light & heavy duty axle oil 80W-90. Valvoline axle oil pro sae 80w-90 ls.Jan 02, 2014 · The 90 number represents the viscosity at some standard normal operating temp. Bottom line is that 90 is the most important number, and 75w means it isn't as thick as an 80w in the cold. A number higher than 80w would be undesirable, but lower is better as long as other oil qualities aren't compromised in the process.

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SAE 75W-90, SAE 75W-140. Synthetic hypoid / limited slip diff oil. Tx TransSynGear RR. API GL-4 / MT-1, SAE 90. Synthetic, heavy duty manual transmission oil, Eaton Road Ranger. eni Rotra HY. API GL-4, SAE 80W-90. Heavy duty manual transmissions oil. eni Rotra Tec MP. API GL-5, SAE 80W-90, SAE 85W-140. Extreme Pressure oil for API GL-5 / hypoid ... Buy Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2 Ivy Bridge-EP 2.1 GHz 15MB L3 Cache LGA 2011 80W BX80635E52620V2 Server Processor with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ Our sole mission is to develop products that significantly outperform other synthetic and mineral based oils for consumer and industrial applications.

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90% energy savings vs. traditional HID sources ... DTD-95 and DTD-140 feature 10kV surge protection ... DTD/80W/750/UD 80 11200 50000 cULus, ... The 80W & 100W share the same chassis and will mount into the PAR64 Can When mounting the Lotus into the PAR Can, the most common method is installing from the rear side. After opening the rear door of the PAR Can the Lotus LED Lamp will slide into the Can and lock down on the clips inside.

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Apr 18, 2013 · You can use 75W-90 in front and rear if you want they recommend 75W-140 in the rear if you tow a lot but I believe they call for 75W-90 if you have limited slip out back. I know for me I had to switch to 75W-90 in rear for the Auburn but when I was open differential I did the 75W-140 for added heat protection.

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Sep 26, 2003 · 80W-90 instead of 75W-90? Does anyone know if I can use what the subject says in my transmission to fill up about 3/4 quart? I couldn't find valvoline 75W-90 at the local stores, and didn't want to use different brands, so I used valvoline non-synthetic 80W-90 into the transmission until it reached F mark.